SOUNDDESIGN WORKSHOP with Dr. Radek Rudnicki

Radek Rudnicki –
Composer, Sound Artist and Performer

Dr Radoslaw Rudnicki is Lecturer and Major Coordinator of Music Practice at School of Music & Creative Media Production, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. Working as sound designer and music composer he collaborates with synthesiser manufacturers, visual artists and as Deputy Director of Precyzja Foundation and Director of Wave Folder Records he curates and funds new media art projects. In 2008 Radoslaw has been shortlisted by SPNM (UK), as one of the most interesting emerging composers living in the UK. In 2013 announced Ambassador of Jazz in the North of England with the project Space F!ght. Radek performs regularly and exposed his work on festivals and art galleries worldwide.




Maho Cwejman –

Distributor in Cwejman Japan. Involved in manufacture and quality control at
Cwejman Music AB. Assists organizers for synthesis seminars with Cwejman modules.
Producing music with Radek Rudnicki.

During workshop Maho and Radek will talk about modular synthesis. This involves Cwejman modules, patching techniques and how to get most out of them. Classic modules like Res4, MMF2, QMMF4 among others will be shown, as well as new modules released in 2018.


MODULAR TALK with Mylar Melodies

Mylar Melodies –
is creating eurorack, synth and electronic music production youtube videos
Meet the man with the magic hands, we are happy to welcome mylar melodies to our event. He will tell us a lot about his work and wants to show some of his skills.


phiTon_resonaTors PRESENTATION with Corrado Faccioni

Corrado Faccioni –

Meet the inventor of the phiTon technology. A true mastermind of acoustics.
He will accompany us into the world of quantum physics and explain to us what is behind his phiton technology. Acoustic fundamentals at the highest level.



more very soon..